ARMs causing more home sales in 2025?

Freddie Mac Chart ARMs FRMs 2022

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs) and Potential Market Impact:

Key Points:

  • ARMs offer initially lower interest rates but adjust periodically based on lending market conditions.
  • Many homebuyers borrowing in 2022 opted for ARMs expecting future rate decreases.
  • Rising interest rates and potential adjustments could lead to financial strain for ARM holders.
  • This may force some to sell their financed homes, potentially increasing housing market movement.

The Rise and Potential Fall of ARMs:

  • ARMs regained popularity in 2022 due to initially lower rates compared to fixed rate mortgages.
  • The expectation was for interest rates to decrease, allowing for refinancing or lower rate adjustments.
  • However, interest rates are likely to stay high, potentially causing higher than anticipated monthly payments for ARM holders.

Potential Consequences:

  • Financial stress for ARM borrowers could lead to increased home listings and potentially foreclosures.
  • This may cause movement in the real estate market, though the overall impact is uncertain.


  • Real estate professionals are advised to identify potential ARM holders as selling leads.
  • HomeSellers and professionals should prepare for potential real estate market changes.

Additional Information:

  • In mid-2022, ARMs comprised nearly 10% of new home loan applications.
  • ARM rates were over 1% lower than fixed rate mortgages throughout 2022.

Overall, the potential impact of ARMs on the real estate market remains to be seen, but it’s a situation worth monitoring for both home buyers and home sellers, both private and professional.

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