Big Banks Lobby Against Tougher Regulations, Support Crypto Crackdown

Mortgage loans getting more expensive

Bank CEOs on Capitol Hill:

  • Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase:
    • Against new capital rules, which could hurt “affordable credit and traditional banking products, capital markets and market liquidity, and the economy overall.”
    • Suggests “closing down” cryptocurrency transactions.
    • Supports applying Bank Secrecy Act regulations to cryptocurrency brokers.
    • Worries that proposed cap on interchange fees could make bank accounts more expensive for low-income borrowers.
  • Jane Fraser of Citigroup:
    • Forecasts a recession but sees no “drastic downturn.”
    • Notes moderate consumer spending growth and segment differentiation.
  • David Solomon of Goldman Sachs:
    • Says proposed capital rules will increase bank’s capital requirements significantly, potentially harming competitiveness and pushing activity overseas.
  • Brian Moynihan of Bank of America:
    • Highlights “responsible growth” efforts, including eliminating nonsufficient-fund fees and reducing overdraft fees.

Overall Message:

Big banks are pushing back against stricter regulations while advocating for stronger controls on cryptocurrency. They see a potential recession looming but remain cautiously optimistic about the economy.

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