Florida Housing Market: Counties to watch

Charlotte County, FL

In our research of interesting housing markets in the country, a few stand out. When looking into counties, one is certainly Charlotte County, in Florida, which is showing early signs of shifting, after a run of pretty solid, clear and positive trends.

If you own a home in Charlotte County, and there’s a chance you may want to sell in the very near future, take a look at the info we found and shared below as it can come in useful to decide your home selling strategy.

  • The Charlotte County, Florida housing market has seen a decrease in median home prices, with the median price dropping by 3.6% compared to last year, to $355,486 in May 2024.
  • The median price per square foot was $220. Homes in Charlotte County have stayed on the market for an average of 84 days, which is a significant increase of over 103% compared to last year.
  • The inventory of homes for sale has remained relatively stable, with 5,146 homes available in May 2024.
  • However, the number of homes sold has decreased by 7.4% month-over-month, with 625 homes sold in May 2024.

These pills of info should make you aware of a probable shift towards a housing market heavily or at least clearly biased in favor of buyers, which is never good news for a home seller.

The goal is to make home owners aware as their access to updated information is always either a challenge or late for any meaningful way to stay ahead of the market.

Consider immediate action, whatever it may be, and keep in mind that our parent Proxima Investors may possibly help still make the most of the market with a full price offer, even if home buyers may be waiting for a possible dip this fall or even earlier, as this peak real estate selling season and other circumstances seem to suggest.

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