What is a Mediated Lease-Purchase?

Mediated Lease Purchase

Have you ever heard of a Mediated Lease-Purchase in Real Estate?

If you haven’t and you want to know, or even if you have already, and want to make sure it matches, you can read about it here: “What is a Mediated Lease-Purchase?

Always keep in mind that in the Deals on Terms niche (also known as Creative Financing due to the extensive overlapping of the two categories of real estate transactions), there’s great flexibility, which is its strength. It’s possible to design deals that perfectly adapt to the situation and the goals of the parties. However, that results in reduced standardization. In practical terms, that means real estate investors, home sellers, homebuyers, real estate agents, attorneys, and any operator in the real estate industry make agreements that vary greatly in the details. If you’ve heard of a certain deal on terms, like a Mediated Lease-Purchase, it may be very different than another put together by someone else, or maybe even the same parties, but at a different time, market, property, or situation in general.

So, the definition that you can find at the link above has to be taken as a guideline and as describing a typical transaction of that type. You should be careful applying it to your situation, and, for a more accurate understanding, it could be worth double checking with Proxima Investors.

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