Turnkey Rental Investment Properties

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Turnkey rental investment properties are fully renovated and managed properties that are ready to be rented out immediately.

Main Benefits:

  • They save time and effort. You don’t have to worry about finding a rental property, renovating it, or dealing with difficult tenants. Example: West Bridgewater rent and move-in ready home
  • Turnkey rental homes provide a steady stream of income from day one. With a professional property management team in place or general investment managers depending on the state and situation, your investment is being well taken care of. Example: Proxima Investors, residential real estate.
  • Their potential for long-term appreciation. By investing in properties in up-and-coming neighborhoods, you can benefit from increasing property values over time. Example: Pittsburgh, Atlanta, GA fast appreciating investment property
  • Turnkey rental properties also offer investment diversification. You can spread your investments across different states, locations, and property types, reducing your risk and increasing your chances of success, by being a remote landlord. Example: Muldrow, OK single family home

For more info and more pros and cons, head over to: Investing in a Rental Turnkey Home

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