RTO Buyers Registration

Get ready for your last packing in a while… Move to YOUR forever home!
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Money Down

We are not sharing your information outside our business, not selling it, not renting it, the only purpose of this registration is to be able to reach out when an opportunity arrives, so you have a chance to consider it. We also recommend:

  1. Save up to be able to fund the money upfront and not lose out to other applicants who instead do. We always have many applicants who are in the process of getting ready to qualify for a rent-to-own. These opportunities are hard to come by. Be ready! (And saving is always a good thing anyway!)
  2. If you see a home for sale that would work, we can look into it to understand better what you need and potentially purchase it so we can resell it on rent-to-own to you.
  3. If you are renting and want to buy your rental on rent-to-own, we may purchase that property and resell it on rent-to-own.
  4. If you know of someone in a similar position to yours and that person ends up making a deal with us, please ask us about our buyer referral fees, and we will be paying cash to you at closing.
  5. If you know of a seller that wants to sell and we can agree to purchase it, ask us about seller referral fees as well, we love to pay cash to our buyer candidates!
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